UHM Properties (formerly United Housing Management) is a full-service property management company. We have sầu a proud tradition of delivering services that maximize value for residential và commercial property owners.

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As a minority-owned business, we champion the importance of stable, affordable housing as a means to lớn assuring svào, vibrant communities.

With UHM Properties, owners và developers gain a strategic partner. We listen to lớn and learn about your chất lượng project goals and provide customized solutions to meet your needs – all with an eye on profitability, compliance, và resident satisfaction.


As property management and facilities management specialists, UHM Properties has a proud tradition of maximizing value for owners and developers. On recently acquired properties, operating expenses have sầu been reduced by as much as 30% and revenue increased as much as 80%.


As an experienced property management firm, UHM Properties consistently achieves the highest ratings for discretionary spending with local minority-owned businesses (MBE) & women-owned businesses (WBE). UHM Properties spent $10.8 million in 2018 which represents a 15% increase over 2017 spending.


Seventy percent of those who have participated in leadership và personal empowerment initiatives at UHM Properties’ Neighborhood Network Center have sầu graduated or are enrolled in higher education.

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Are you a property owner or real estate developer?.

Share your property and real estate development goals with UHM Properties. We’ll develop customized solutions lớn meet your specific needs, applying state-of-the-art asphối management tools. We look forward to lớn building partnerships và, together, proudly accomplishing great things!

Are you a resident in aUHM Properties managed property?.

UHM Properties’ Resident Services Program helps residents find và access services that foster positive sầu outcomes for personal growth, wellness, and sustained housing....

Want to live in a residence managed by UHM Properties?

If you are interested in applying for affordable rental housing units, you may now access a Common Pre-Application, which helps to lớn improve and ease the affordable housing tìm kiếm and application process...

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