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a trò chơi by Torus Games, and PHL Collective
Platforms: PC, Playstation 4
Editor Rating: 5.5/10, based on 1 đánh giá
User Rating: 8.8/10 - 8 votes
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Ben 10 is a beat-em-up trò chơi based on the popular Ben 10 cartoon. It sees you controlling Ben or any of his ten alien forms khổng lồ battle aliens that come your way.


Ben, his cousin Gwen and his Grandpa embark on a cross-country journey. But their trip is derailed by villains with evil plans. It’s up to Ben 10 to save the world. The story is told using animated cutscenes voiced by the voice actors from the cartoon. The story is quite interesting.


You can transform into all ten of Ben 10’s alien forms in the game. So, you get to lớn control Ben và the other ten aliens over the course of the game. Each alien has their quality moves and attacks. Sometimes, you’ll need a specific alien for a particular stage of the game & you’ll have khổng lồ transform khổng lồ that alien. But over time, you’ll get to lớn have your favorite alien that you use for beating enemies up.


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You face enemies like Zombozo, the Weatherheads, & Queen Bee. You have basic attacks, special attacks & ultimate attacks. The combat is okay but not that good. After you learn the basic attack of an alien, you can spam the attack over và over again until you defeat the enemy. You won’t even need to use your special attacks on enemies once you can spam the regular attacks.

Some aliens are best suited for short-range attacks. Some are best for long-range attacks lượt thích throwing fireballs from afar. You can destroy vans, furniture, và other objects for energy points. When you charge up the energy points, you can unleash them on aliens bringing devastating attacks on them.

Funny & fast

There are hidden Sumo cards in the game. You can find và collect three Sumo cards per level. But some Sumo cards can’t be collected until you unlock certain aliens. This might make you want to try the game again after unlocking all aliens to collect the remaining Sumo cards. The trò chơi is short and can be finished in less than 3 hours. The game has six levels and you can finish the six levels in no time. But the trò chơi is replayable as you’ll want to start all over again và experience the game using different aliens than you did initially. This enables you khổng lồ perfect your knowledge of their special attacks và moves.


The trò chơi has a few bugs. Also, checkpoints are few and scarce và there is no manual save. You almost always have lớn start from the beginning of a cấp độ if you die.

Fans of the series will be pleased with how well the game recreates the cartoon. The art style and action sequences look just like that of the game. Those that are unfamiliar with the series may not enjoy the game that much.

Ben 10 does its best to lớn replicate the cartoon series. It is targeted at a young audience so the combat is weaker than it should be. Also, the trò chơi is too short. Overall, Ben 10 offers a mediocre gaming experience.

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Faithful recreation of the cartoon Multiple playable characters The game has good replayable value


The game is targeted at kids Short length Bugs
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