Son Tra Ocean View


About the Location

It is situated at a prime location – the frontage of Ngo Quyen, Son Tra District, Da Nang City and located at the foot of the Son Tra Peninsula, is just 600m far from My Khe Beach (voted as one of the most attractive beaches on the planet by Forbes). Therefore, its living space is very fresh & airy.

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The Son Tra Ocean View da Nang Apartment not only owns a “golden” position 48 meters in length on Ngo Quyen Street – an arterial road of the đô thị – but also is located in the East-West Economic Corridor that can connect many tourist attractions-top services easily in da Nang.

Southeast: Man thai Beach, My Khe Beach ViewsNortheast: Son Tra Peninsula ViewNorthwest: Han River ViewSouthwest: The đô thị center View

It takes only 10 minutes khổng lồ go from The Son Tra Ocean View Apartment khổng lồ school, supermarket, 7 minutes to drive khổng lồ The domain authority Nang Industrial Park, and 20 minutes khổng lồ drive to The da Nang International Airport.

Amazing amenities that Son Tra Ocean View Apartment offer to lớn guests

Be a high-class apartment with 4-star facilities, fully equipped with facilities for living such as the infinity pool, gymnasium, mini-mart, coffee shop, etc.

The 24/7 security system is operated and administered by PMC- A professional luxury apartment management company that gives you a sense of security when controlling the ins và outs of the apartment by magnetic card.

The building is also near the busy commercial centers for all ages such as VinCom, Vinmart, Café, many prestigious và high-quality international kindergartens, schools & colleges gather. 

It is also a residential area with concentrated high-income & civilized communities, including locals & foreigners.

Types of apartment

Customers will have a wide variety of options khổng lồ choose a satisfactory apartment. The most modern designs and the usefulness of the léman luxury apartments are designed in a variety of ways.

The apartment building offers different configuration léman luxury apartments such as:

+ 1-bedroom apartments are suitable for people who live alone have a great private space.+ 2 và 3-bedroom apartments are suitable for families with 3-4 members.

For fully furnished apartments, the tenants just bring only their suitcases and do not need khổng lồ buy anything else.

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Rental rates at the current time are offered reasonably

The current rental price of in the building is about

+ 5-7 million dongs/month for a 1-bedroom apartment;

+ 7-10 million dongs/month for a 2-bedroom apartment;

+ 09-13 million dongs/month for a 3 bedroom apartment.

With a modern design, a spacious and airy balcony with beautiful sea & mountain views, & is fully equipped with modern furniture and facilities such as Air conditioner in each room, washing machine, refrigerator, TV system, & high-quality sound system, guests absolutely enjoy every moment at your apartment.

Why The summit Son Tra Ocean View building should be your next home?

When renting an apartment in Son Tra Ocean View, you can enjoy the most relaxing moments while watching the entire poetic domain authority Nang Sea & the green màu sắc of Son Tra Mountain.

At night, you can watch the bustling nightlife of domain authority Nang streets under the shimmering light.

The Summit Son Tra da Nang is mix in a convenient location located in the center of Son Tra District and has 4 street frontages.

Diversity of options, Son Tra Ocean View apartments in da Nang: tenants can choose the view as your preferences: admire Son Tra Mountain, Man thai Beach, and city view, & enjoy the fresh breezes in the early morning sunrise and sunset lượt thích picturesque.

Son Tra Ocean View Tower is regarded as one of the léman luxury in da Nang has a smart design, is close to nature but remains modern style. The apartment is designed to lớn Singaporean design style & the desire to lớn take full advantage of its position, dreamlike views from all sides khổng lồ get natural energy. Coming to Son Tra Ocean View, you will be immersed yourself in a space filled with light và wind, creating cheerful moments with your beloved family.

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Come and feel today

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