Saigontourist provides chất lượng tailor-made excursions và daily coach tours around Ho đưa ra Minh City and other parts of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia và Myanmar. Services include classic tours, beach leisure và relaxation, trekking, mountain retreats và more. Whether you need help booking domestic or international air tickets, khách sạn or resort rooms or an interpreter, Saigontourist can help. Their professional services, enthusiastic operators và well-trained tour guides ensure outstanding experiences.

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Established in 1975, Saigontourist Travel Service has made its name among leading Vietnamese travel management companies. The company operates successfully in all three primary tourism fields: inbound, outbound & domestic travel. Relish the opportunity khổng lồ experience Vietnam"s beaches và islands, golf courses, boat cruises và festival & food tours. When in HCMC trust the staff of Saigontourist khổng lồ deliver professional & highly skilled service that caters to your needs.

When we say bike, we don"t mean the motorised kind. We"re talking about pedal power, sans internal combustion engine. Free-wheeling from Ho đưa ra Minh city to the hills of Dalat or coastline of Phan Thiet gives a totally different perspective on Vietnam & provides a glimpse of Vietnamese rural life, smells included. In Saigon, check out Vietnam xe đạp Tours for group và private tours. Rustle up a pair of wheels and get going, as bicycling provides one of the best ways to lớn travel leisurely while maximising your sightseeing.

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There are a number of bike tour companies based in HCMC. Try Vietnam bike Tours, established in 2005. They run a variety of tours including multiday treks through the Mekong Delta. The relatively flat topography of southern Vietnam means bicycling is fairly effortless. The predominance of bicycles in the Saigon region means that you are never far from a repair cửa hàng should a gremlin climb inside the gears.

For a different perspective of Ho đưa ra Minh City, splurge on a trip with Les Rives. There are daily scheduled journeys lớn the Cu chi Tunnels that exchange the standard bumpy bus ride for a one hour scenic tốc độ boat voyage up the Saigon River. A private English-speaking guide ensures a leisurely pace, và your day is capped by a picnic lunch on the return trip. Prices start from USD79 (VND1,667,000) per passenger for the Cu chi excursion.

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It is possible lớn tour waterways in & around HCMC by longtail, speed và jet boat. Les Rives offers private river cruises of the Cu chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta, và HCMC and nearby canals. Most boats leave at the pier on the Saigon River across from the Renaissance Riverside Hotel. You can even arrange to be picked up at your hotel and then taken to lớn the pier. As you cruise the Mekong Delta, observe scenic jungle canals, pagodas, riverside markets & colonial architecture.