The Orchard Palace was built as an annex of the Huzoor Palace, the family residence, in the late-19th century lớn host personal guests of the Maharajas. Converted into a seven-room heritage hotel, it is appointed with 1930s and ‘40s art deco furniture, antiques and handicrafts.

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Built in the 1880s as the residence of the Crown Prince of Gondal, the Riverside Palace is a colonial-style building mix in gardens beside the town"s river. It has been converted into a heritage hotel with 11 large & high-ceilinged rooms appointed with four-poster beds, old dressers and other colonial period furniture from the family"s heirloom collection.

The 11-gun salute princely state of Gondal spanned an area of about 1000 sq miles comprising four towns & more than 175 villages. The state was ruled by a dynasty of the Krishna-vanshi Jadeja Rajput clan from Thakur Shri Kumboji in the 1600s.

It was modernised by His Highness Thakore Shri Sagramji who ruled from 1851 to 1869 & became a first-class princely state in 1887 after His Highness Maharaja Bhagwat Sinhji introduced wide-ranging economic và social reforms. Under HH Bhagwat Sinhji, the state became distinguished for its number of educational & public institutions, và for possessing infrastructure that did not exist even in larger princely states or in areas under direct British rule.

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HH Bhagwat Sinhji made girl child education không tính tiền and compulsory, abolished 40 dues including rates, taxes, customs, octroi và export duties,started a travelling dispensary, an asylum for the maintenance of the poor and a hospital, introduced wide roads, sanitary drainage and underground electricity supplies in Gondal town, và built excellent road và irrigation networks across the state of Gondal connecting its villages và towns. HH Bhagwat Sinhji is also considered one of the pioneers of the railway industry in Saurashtra.

After he passed away in 1944, HH Bhagwat Sinhji’s son, HH Bhojrajji succeeded him.The present owner of the heritage hotels of Gondal, JYOTENDRASINHJI VIKRAMSINHJI SAHIB, is the grandson of HH Bhojrajji.

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Naulakha Palace

The Naulakha Palace was erected around 1748 AD in the Darbargadh or walled palace complex of the rulers, & since then has been extended by successive rulers. The façade is a festival of stone carving with splendid sculpture, relief, carved columns and ornate jarokha balconies.