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You are sure of attractive sầu returns with PV–Invest bonds. In addition, you also contribute khổng lồ environment-friendly energy generation. Since 2009, PV–Invest has regularly provided opportunities for subscribing khổng lồ bonds with attractive sầu, secure annual interest rates.

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PV–Invest has many years of international experience in acquiring and operating photovoltaic power plants. If you invest directly, you yourself will become a co-owner of the power plant &, as a PV–Invest partner, benefit from our long-standing industry experience.

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The PV–Invest Group also offers opportunities for community investment in solar power plants. If you invest, you together with other participating members of the community will become co-owners of the plant & thus benefit from our long-standing industry experience.

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The increasingly noticeable effects of climate change, greater environmental awareness amuốn large parts of the population, rising energy prices & the dwindling supply of fossil fuels are the framework conditions under which energy must be generated in the coming years. Added to lớn this is the steadily increasing demvà for electricity. For example, the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2015 assumes that demand will increase by more than 70% by 2040. All these parameters are leading khổng lồ a svào increase in the importance of environmentally friendly ways to generate energy, benefiting the PV industry.


Leading economic researchers agree that the market for photovoltaics will experience a boom for decades lớn come. The Fraunhofer Institute forecasts that generation capacities will more than double by 20trăng tròn due to the demand for solar power và that they will even increase 150-fold by 2050. Expressed in monetary terms, more than 200 billion Euros will be invested in PV systems by 2020, và 2050 even 20,000 billion Euros.The use of photovoltaics for energy generation promotes the development and maintenance of a sustainable ecological & economic balance. contributes lớn achieving this important goal with its projects.

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THE GMBHInnovative sầu electriđô thị producer


Increasing global demvà for energy, the threat of climate change & limited reserves of fossil fuels call for new ways to lớn secure power supplies. Photovoltaics (PV) makes use of the sun’s inexhaustible energy & is thus an attractive sầu alternative sầu khổng lồ conventional electrithành phố generation.

We therefore alặng to exploit the huge potential of photovoltaics in the area of renewable energies. Together with private & institutional investors, we build profitable photovoltaic power plants và create sustainable value added.

Our long-standing international experience in financing and operating photovoltaic power plants in various different countries goes hvà in h& with our in-depth understanding of the industry, market và giải pháp công nghệ involved. It is also a key success factor for all our company’s projects.

And it is this experience that gives you the investor the greachạy thử possible security.

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At PV–Invest we examine projects carefully & critically. Preferring to invest in regions with stable markets & high solar insolation, we always hold long-term, government guaranteed power purchase agreements.

We now hope khổng lồ take the next step in our success story together with you. If you subscribe lớn our bonds, you will not only secure a long-term, attractive sầu yield for yourself but also help to protect the climate both for us and future generations!