Opal Ocean View


Opal Ocean View is located in Mona Vale in the Pittwater Council & Local Government Area (LGA) in the "Sydney - Northern Beaches " region of NSW. You can see its location on the included map.

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Suburb: Mona Vale
Council / LGA: Pittwater
Region: Sydney - Northern Beaches
State: NSW

If you are the operator of Opal Ocean View, you can tăng cấp this listing at no charge. It will then appear in appropriate search results when someone searches our Aged Care Directory (which it currently does not) & you will be able khổng lồ include the following additional information và features: your tương tác telephone number and e-mail address a mô tả tìm kiếm of the aged care home full particulars of your services, including the màn chơi of care and the availability of extra service, respite care, dementia care & co-located independent living (as appropriate) one image (330 x 220 pixels) two logos (group hình ảnh and home logo) one embedded video clip additional link to your vacancies page và online brochure. Please liên hệ us khổng lồ enquire about upgrading this listing to lớn a full listing at no charge.

About Residential Aged Care

In the past, a distinction was drawn between aged care homes that offered "high màn chơi care" (which were chothuebds247.commonly known as "nursing homes") & those that offered "low cấp độ care" (which were chothuebds247.commonly known as "hostels").

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From 1 July 2014 this distinction has ceased to apply in relation to permanent residential aged care, although it does continue to apply in relation khổng lồ temporary respite care. Aged care homes can incorporate "extra service", which provides a higher standard of acchothuebds247.commodation and services (such as meals) for an additional fee. Aged care homes that are not accredited, but which offer similar care và services, may be referred to lớn as "Supported Living". See our Terminology page for detailed explanations of terms that relate to aged care, home care & retirement villages.

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