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Consequently, in 2 days 7/5 & 8/5, the director of the Vietphái mạnh Youth Training Center, PVF, Ryan Giggs, visited & worked at Nghe An, Ha Tinc, with a dense program of # 39 ; activities khổng lồ promote the development of school football in these two locations.

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The highlight of this series of Ryan Giggs activities is the presentation and exchange with students of Ha Tinc about the desire & effort to achieve the best football, sharing the experience in training. With local football coaches.


Ryan Giggs is the greatest legend in the history of the Manchester United club, which grew up from the "Red Devils" youth academy, và the team won the triplet of the 1998-1999 season as well as one trophy series. another. He is the player who has the record of title achieved at Man Utd. Ryan Giggs currently holds the position of first coach in Wales. It has always been a symbol of passion, talent & effort to lớn achieve technical perfection, the perseverance to lớn maintain its dedicated dedication & dedicated lớn the colors of colors.

Becoming a PVF soccer director, Ryan Giggs assumes the role of training young players, while participating in the PVF consultancy and construction khổng lồ become the football training center nº 1 from Vietnam giới. The world famous football academies.

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The football movement & school football are the basis for the development of first class football. With his professional experience & dedication, Ryan Giggs & the technical director of PVF, Philippe Troussier, work together khổng lồ develop a strategy towards the Vietnam giới target of being present at the 2024 Olympics và the FIFA World Cup 2030.

One of the important steps of the strategy mentioned is extensive sầu cooperation and tư vấn with Nghe An & Ha Tinch khổng lồ develop football and school football. In particular, in addition to sponsoring the youth soccer tournament; Each year, PVF considers the financing of 50 to 80 schools for each locality to lớn equip subjects, balls và networks. In addition khổng lồ tư vấn facilities, PVF advises & regularly organizes the professional teams of both locations.

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PVF hopes that the Mã Sản Phẩm of cooperation & development of football in Nghe An và Ha Tinh will be reproduced in localities throughout the country. All are aimed at the common goal of investing và supporting talented & talented teens in the soccer field, contributing khổng lồ bring water sports at trang chính và, in particular, Vietnamese football. Enter the great children's playground in the region, the continent and the world.