The most expensive cities globally for luxury goods


Finding the perfect destination spot for your next vacation can be more difficult than expected. With so many hot spots in the world & so little time, it can be a daunting task picking out your dream travel location! If you’ve been saving up & are looking for a thành phố that says luxury, here are the top ten most luxurious cities in the world to lớn check out!

Most Luxurious Cities in the World!

1. Singapore

Pholớn by Sven Scheuermeier

This city & isl& nation has one of the most developed economies. Not lớn mention, it has one of the highest per capita GDP’s in the world! However, it isn’t just known for its great nightlife và shopping. It’s also one of the greenest cities on the globe, commonlyrecognized for its rich biodiversity!

ProTip: Even though English is widely spoken here,utilizing online guides & dictionaries to get khổng lồ know the other officiallanguages spoken in Singapore will help you be prepared with key phrases andterms. This will allow you khổng lồ better immerse yourself in the culture and get toknow the locals as well!

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai skyline at sunphối, Photo lớn by Mo Azizi

Besides being known for having the tallest building in the world, Dubai is also one of the most luxurious cities with one of the fastest-growing economies. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic slowing down Dubai’s economic growth, a boat tour of the city and a visit inside Burj Al Arab will make this the luxury trip of a lifetime! You can experience this boat tour by hopping on the Hero OdySea with your friends & setting sail for some beautiful views of Dubai’s coastline.

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3. Shangnhì, China

Waterfront views from the Bund, Shangnhì, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Pholớn by Adli Wahid

Coming in at number three is Shanghai! Besidesbeing China’s largest thành phố & financial hub, they are known for their streetmarkets & historic temples as well. From the shopping along Nanjing Road tothe waterfront views at the Bund, this destination has plenty of things khổng lồ dothat won’t break the bank. Be sure khổng lồ vì chưng your research on the culture and findthe best local spots khổng lồ check out!


Eiffel Suite Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris

Paris, besides being known as the fashion capital, is also known as one of the most luxurious locations. From the Louvre & the iconic Eiffel Tower to its renowned palaces & churches, there really is no limit lớn all the fantastic things to lớn see & vì chưng in Paris. With a little bit of research and planning, you can find the perfect mix of luxury & local spots lớn visit!

Pro Tip: Although Paris is a big tourist destination, be sure to lớn learn some key french terms with a language-learning tiện ích. This will ensure you don’t get in a situation where you’re lost in a foreign country with no way khổng lồ communicate with locals!

5. Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s capital is one of the most tech-savvy và bustling cities in the world. Besides its extraordinary nightlife & fantastic street food markets, it’s known to have sầu the most expensive sầu & luxurious clothing items. From Comme des Garçons to lớn Visvyên, you can find some of the top brands within stores. If you’re into photography & snapping photos during your travels, be sure khổng lồ takea picture at the famous Shibuya Crossing on your trip there!

6. Milan, Italy

This fashion và design capital of the worldcomes in at number six! Known for its high-over restaurants và shopping,finding luxury goods will come with ease during your trip lớn Milan. Make surekhổng lồ schedule in Gr& Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the most luxurious indoorshopping mall in the world.

Pro Tip: Before heading off to lớn the Gr& Galleria, you’ll want lớn make sure you are financially prepared to siêu thị for high-over luxury items! Consider getting a spending account with no foreign transaction or maintenance fees to ensure you’re keeping your budget in check. With so much shopping lớn do in Milan, this will allow you lớn save more for the rest of your trip expenses. Your wallet will be sure khổng lồ thank you later!

7. Thủ đô New York, New York

The ‘đô thị so nice they named it twice’ comes in at number seven! Known for its busy nightlife andtourist attractions, lượt thích the Statue of Liberty & Times Square, NYC is also one of the most expensive cities in the world lớn live in with even basic costs such as a haircut costing up khổng lồ $200!

ProTip: While many of its tourist attractions are widelypopular, they can also be way more expensive! Try to find at least a few hiddengems in quieter neighborhoods, like the Upper West Side, during your visit.

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8. Los Angeles, California

Hollywood Walk of Fame, here we come– LA comes in at number eight! Besides being known for its expensive sầu real estate and gridlock traffic, there are a ton of luxurious things khổng lồ do in ‘The City of Angels’. From their sandy beaches to fantastic film studio tours, LA will be sure lớn leave you starstruck!

Pro Tip: Be sure your hotel is centrally located khổng lồ attractions you’re hoping khổng lồ visit. As said previously, traffic in Los Angeles can be pretty hefty, so you’ll want to lớn save that time you would have spent driving to lớn explore the đô thị và see your top attractions!

9. Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland’s largest thành phố comes in at number nine for most luxurious cities in the world. The daily cost you’ll need to lớn budget for a trip to lớn this city is estimated at being over $200 USD. Make sure khổng lồ look in local favorites, like the park at Museum Rietberg and boat trips to lớn Rapperswil!

ProTip: Get a Zurich City Card Pass. Not only will thisallow you to hop on mass transit with ease, but it also allows admission to lớn anabundance of local exhibitions! This will help take the ức chế out of planningvà make your luxury trip a breeze.

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10. London, England

Our last stop coming in at number ten is England’s capital, London! From the iconic Big Ben to the many high-end restaurants, London will be sure lớn steal your heart và help create a memorable experience. Even if you only have a few days in London, there is still so much you can see and vày in a short timeframe lớn make the trip worthwhile.

Finding one of the most luxurious cities in the world to visit can make your trip that much more spectacular & memorable, but it will require you lớn properly plan và budget your expenses. With the right tools, you can successfully find your dream luxury vacation destination and get khổng lồ booking!

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