The first five-year plan of Lotus Group has reached khổng lồ an over with many achievements and stories to be told. With the foundation và certain success we had in the past five years, Lotus Group sets higher aims và bigger goals khổng lồ our next five years khổng lồ thrive.

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Our motivation strengthens us

Since day one, Lotus has always envisioned lớn bring the IT talents of Vietnam lớn the global market. Seeing the unprecedented potentials of well-trained & professional IT workers that enter the job market every year, our BOD senses that these talents can also make a difference in the international market.

The talent shortage in tech positions is very alarming, & to fill these positions are very costly & time-consuming. Seeing the huge number of tech graduates every year, our BOD sets the vision on how khổng lồ bring as many talents khổng lồ the world as possible. From small testing projects, now Lotus QA has got some major succeeds with big clients, working in many fields including AI data processing, testing and development.

The motivation of Lotus has always been bringing Vietnam to international customers. Lotus wants khổng lồ prove to lớn the world that despite the war-torn history, Vietnam now has the potential & the opportunities lớn thrive as a technology-fused nation. By taking the potentials of these young và dynamic talents, Lotus strengthens the image of Vietnam and joins hand in making Vietnam the top country for IT services.

Broaden our services

 priorities for Lotus in the next five years is the expansion of our services to lớn clients. In 2021, Lotus Group, from a company that focuses on AI data processing and testing services, have started the development service and this has helped Lotus Group gain more reputation in the international market.

With the three major services as mentioned above, Lotus appears as the well-rounded IT service company with capability of providing multiple IT services.

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Our BOD aims at broadening our services to lớn reach out lớn more và more customers, hence expanding Lotus Group. As there will definitely new services in our system, there will be a raise in the number of our employees. In 2021, our team reached 248 personnel, and this number is promised lớn rise more.

Learning & Development

Any company that invests in employee development is investing in their own success. By providing ongoing training for your employees, you are creating a workplace that is adaptive, flexible, và ready for change.

In 2022, Lotus Group plans khổng lồ bring the essential classes khổng lồ our employees. We not only help them acquire more knowledge but also give them the chance to lớn improve other important skills such as foreign languages và presentation skills.

Employees increasingly expect informative và applicable training, which satisfies their needs both as workers at your organization and as up-to-date, informed professionals. Delivering on this training is an important step in building a genuine employee experience management strategy.

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The next five years of Lotus Group will have a lot of changes, but we stay true to lớn our motivation, và that is to bring the talented và professional IT workers lớn the world. By expanding our services và providing the essential knowledge for our employees, we are getting closer to lớn successfully achieve this goal.