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So much more than simply stylish resorts in some of Southeast Asia"s most spectacular destinations, Victoria Hotels và Resorts is all about connecting our guests khổng lồ authentic, local experiences.

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Within our walls, we find inspiration in the timeless elegance of the Indochine era. Beyond that, we pride ourselves on crafting quality experiences imbued with local flavour through our very own network of cruise ships, speedboats, vintage trains, sidecars, & more. A thành viên of the Thien Minh Group, Victoria Hotels và Resorts offers warm Asian hospitality at its finest, serving both our valued guests as well as the local community.


Inspired by Sapa"s origin story as an Indochine-era hill station, Victoria Sapage authority is modeled after a chic mountain lodge featuring stone fireplaces, wood floors, and locally-woven textiles for a sophisticated yet authentic feel.



Set on 7 spacious hectares along a private beach, the thatched roof bungalows of Victoria Phan Thiet offer up the ultimate quiet getaway in sleepy Phan Thiet, just 4 hours from Ho Chi Minh City.



Victoria Hoi An offers the best of both worlds - a relaxing oasis beautifully incorporating design elements from Hoi An"s Ancient Town with a prime beach location & one of the prettiest infinity pools in Vietphái mạnh.

Proudly Chau Doc"s only 4-star hotel, Victoria Chau Doc offers Old World charm & sweeping views of the Hau River, all just minutes from the Vietphái nam - Cambodia border.

Tucked away on the slopes of Sam Mountain, the stone bungalows và villas of Victoria Nui Sam Lodge are all about seclusion and serenity, highlighted by one of the most scenic infinity pools anywhere.

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Situated on the banks of the Hau River, the elegant Victoria Can Tho features beautifully landscaped gardens & two riverfront swimming pools in the heart of Vietnam"s Mekong Delta.

The last residence of the Lao Royal Family, the meticulously-restored Victoria Xiengthong Palace offers guests an incredibly cultured yet relaxing stay fit for a king in the heart of Old Luang Prabang.

Victoria Experiences invite you lớn truly get under the skin of your destination. xuất hiện to both Victoria guests & non-guests, our experiences are "low & slow", designed to give sầu you a completely different perspective sầu while fostering rich cultural connections. See all our unique experiences here.

Life in the Mekong Delta is inextricably linked lớn its many waterways. Experience the lush Vietnamese countryside in comfort và style on day và overnight journeys with Victoria Cruises, featuring up-cthất bại looks at vibrant floating markets and life lived on and by the water.

Travel back in time aboard the Victoria Express Train between Hanoi & Lao Cai, the gateway khổng lồ Sapa. Let the gentle swaying of the vintage carriage lull you to sleep and awaken refreshed, ready lớn explore the timeless magic of Sapage authority.

Skip the uninteresting bus ride và take the comfortable Victoria Speedboat instead, hands down the best way to lớn travel between Chau Doc, Vietnam và Phnom Penh, Cambodia with bonus views of the beautiful Mekong Delta.

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Leave sầu the driving to lớn us while soaking in the sights from the unique perspective sầu of a vintage sideoto with both hands miễn phí to lớn document your epic adventure.