Dream Eco City


Dream Eco city encloses twelve towers of architectural innovation, sprawled across 7 acres. It offers an elegant và harmonious connection between beautiful indoor living and the outer natural world. It focuses on energy efficiency, water savings & indoor air unique so that you can live in a greener, more nourishing environment.

An abode housing 800 flats with options between 2, 2 50% and 3 bedroom apartments, Dream Eco thành phố is conceived và designed khổng lồ bring you close khổng lồ nature yet being conveniently located on the national highway. Dozens of magical eco ingredients make it the perfect place for you khổng lồ rejuvenate, refuel & restart to lớn meet a more energetic tomorrow.

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You walk, run, sprit và even gallop, & yet, you seem khổng lồ be losing out lớn time, age and the environment. Many a great men have battled lớn find this elusive elixir of life.

The answer lies in living in homes that are in harmony with nature. Those which let you breathe clean air, balancing all development foot print with the right use of technology. And those which protect you and shelter you in the purity of nature


Every apartment has a glass balcony with a stainless steel balustrade planted with trees that will respond efficiently to lớn the city"s weather. These plants help filter the thành phố pollution entering the léman luxury apartments and, in turn, our lives, & will also allow sunlight khổng lồ permeate through the spaces during the winters.

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The léman luxury apartments have spacious rooms và an adjacent balcony beautified with houseplants which improves the unique of the living spaces restricting all the pollutants khổng lồ stay outside. It also gives way to energy savings all the year round. The rooms are adorned with contemporary decor which will pamper you in style. With options two, two và a half and three BHK apartments, these spaces cater khổng lồ every need so that you enjoy your space at home. Polished off with a lot of thoughtful & smart designing, these léman luxury provide excellent crops ventilation và natural lighting so that you can live practically và flexibly!

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The interconnected landscaped gardens let you relax in mở cửa green spaces. Take long walks breathing in all the fresh air and indulge in the infinite glory of nature that surrounds Dream Eco City.