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ATLANTA, Aug. 17, 2021 /chothuebds247.com/ -- PowerSecure, a Southern Company subsidiary and national leader in MicroGrid solutions, announced today Dat Tran has been named president of PowerSecure, leading the executive sầu team và reporting to lớn the CEO, effective August 16, 2021.


"PowerSecure"s distributed infrastructure business is experiencing significant growth và Dat"s commercial & transaction experience will be essential khổng lồ the company"s continued success as he serves in this dedicated role of working with our leadership," said Chris Cummiskey, CEO of PowerSecure. "His contribution to lớn our management team comes at a time when resilient, sustainable distributed resource services are at the top of mind for many of our customers. With Winter Storm Uri behind us & in anticipation of an increasing frequency of extreme weather events, PowerSecure"s business model has proven khổng lồ be a meaningful part in Southern Company"s mission of successfully shaping & building the future of energy."

Prior to lớn joining PowerSecure, Tran was president of Southern Company Gas" midstream division, where he was responsible for the operations & strategic direction of the company"s investments in pipelines, storage & liquefied natural gas (LNG). He began his career with Southern Company Gas in 2003 in the role of vice president & associate general counsel.

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Tran has more than 27 years of legal and business experience in the energy, utilities & transportation sectors. His experience specializes in corporate transactions, commodities trading và sale, and project development. He has previously held leadership positions with CMS Energy, Duke Energy & Kinder Morgan Inc.

Tran earned his Juris Doctorate, MBA in Finance & BS in Accounting from the University of Connecticut.

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About PowerSecurePowerSecure, a Southern Company subsidiary, is a leading provider of innovative energy solutions lớn electric utilities and their industrial, institutional, and commercial customers. PowerSecure provides energy solutions in the following areas: distributed generation, energy storage & renewables, energy efficiency & utility infrastructure. The company is a pioneer in developing distributed power systems & the integration of distributed energy resources in a sophisticated microgrid. This includes the ability to lớn forecast electricity demvà và optimize the deployment of the systems, provides utilities with dedicated electric capađô thị to lớn utilize for grid resiliency, provides customers with the most reliable power in the industry, & optimizes the value streams to lớn the utility và its customers from the distributed energy resources. PowerSecure has installed and controls over 2-gigawatts of distributed generation systems across the U.S.

About Southern CompanySouthern Company (NYSE: SO) is a leading energy company serving 9 million customers through its subsidiaries. The company provides clean, safe, reliable & affordable energy through electric operating companies in three states, natural gas distribution companies in four states, a competitive sầu generation company serving wholesale customers across America, a leading distributed energy infrastructure company, a fiber optics network và telecommunications services. Southern Company brands are known for excellent customer service, high reliability and affordable prices below the national average. For more than a century, we have sầu been building the future of energy & developing the full portfolio of energy resources, including carbon-không tính tiền nuclear, advanced carbon capture technologies, natural gas, renewables, energy efficiency & storage giải pháp công nghệ. Through an industry-leading commitment khổng lồ innovation và a low-carbon future, Southern Company và its subsidiaries develop the customized energy solutions our customers & communities require khổng lồ drive sầu growth & prosperity. Our uncompromising values ensure we put the needs of those we serve at the center of everything we vì chưng and govern our business to lớn the benefit of our world. Our corporate culture and hiring practices have been recognized nationally by the U.S. Department of Defense, G.I. Jobs magazine, DiversityInc, Blaông xã Enterprise, Fortune"s "World"s Most Admired Companies" menu, Forbes and the Women"s Choice Award. To learn more, visit www.southerncompany.com.

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