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Other than those who live here, arguably, most locals know very little about Binch Tan District besides the fact that it houses Aeon Mall Binc Tan, one of the popular shopping centers in Ho Chi Minc City, và the West Station (Ben Xe Mien Tay), a major bus station lớn the west of the thành phố connecting to lớn provinces in the Mekong Delta. Binc Tan is the district with the largest population aý muốn all of the 24 districts in Ho Chi Minc City, besides housing the most sizable cemetery in town. Find out what you can bởi vì in this emerging & promising district through our local guide!

Binc Tan District Overview

Situated lớn the west of the thành phố, Binh Tan District covers a massive sầu area of 52 square kilometers, 6 times the form size of District 1, & the population is around 600,000 (2010), 3 times that of District 1, and scattered across 10 different wards whose names are interestingly relative: An Lac, An Lac A, Tan Tao, Tan Tao A, Binh Tri Dong, Binh Tri Dong A, Binch Tri Dong B, Binc Hung Hoa, Binc Hung Hoa A, and Binh Hung Hoa B. All these names contain a "peaceful" or "prosperous" element in meaning và largely explain the origin of the name "Binch Tan".

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This district was originally a part of the ultimate suburban Binh Ckhô cứng District before the đô thị government decided khổng lồ split them up in 2003. Now, 15 years after its foundation, it is now a rising district with businesses emerging every day và development plans underway khổng lồ improve sầu the district"s landscape. Among mỏi the 10 wards of Binh Tan District, probably the most familiar name is Binh Tri Dong B since it houses Aeon Mall Binc Tan, the iconic shopping mall where the young in Ho Chi Minc City love to lớn hang out and eat at the food court.

Similarly lớn Binh Ckhô nóng District, Binc Tan plays a pivotal role in connecting Ho Chi Minc City khổng lồ the western and all-important Mekong Delta via the crucial artery of the country, Highway 1A (Quoc Lo 1A). A large number of residents in Binc Tan relocate here from provinces within the Mekong Delta region khổng lồ work in Tan Tao & Vinh Loc industrial parks.

As within Ho Chi Minch City, bordering Binc Tan Districts are all the lesser-known districts, namely District 6, District 9, Tan Phu District lớn the east, Binc Ckhô hanh District to lớn the west, District 8 to lớn the south, District 12 and Hoc Mon District khổng lồ the north.

Although Binh Tan’s population is large, the mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa is low compared to lớn smaller-sized districts. Nevertheless, the eclectic phối of religions & the diversity of ethnic groups here including Kinc, Chinese, Khmer, Cđê mê, & the Muong promising an intriguing cultural experience.

How to Get to lớn Binch Tan District

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, since one of the city’s most popular bus stations, West Station, is here, getting to Binch Tan District is quite straightforward. From Tan Son Nhat Airport, simply take Bus No. 119 straight lớn the West Station (Mien Tay Station). The distance is 15 km, & the fare is VND trăng tròn,000 (US$1). Total travel time: 65 minutes.

See updates of Bus No.119’s stops, fares & operating hours.

Read more abouttaking the bus in Ho Chi Minc City.

Currently, Bus No. 119 only runs from 4 AM khổng lồ 8 PM, so if you need to lớn travel outside this time frame, you should consider a xe taxi or a ride-hailing service. The fare is around US$7, depending on the taxi brvà you choose and the traffic condition.

If you happen to lớn be in District 5, District 7, or Long An province, you can opt-in to lớn take the không tính phí bus operated by Aeon Mall Binh Tan.

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Attractions in Binh Tan District

If you ask for recommendations by a random local for where to lớn go in Binh Tan District, chances are they’ll show you the way lớn Aeon Mall Binh Tan, the landmark that may ring a loud bell to you, we guess, because it has been referred to lớn quite a few times in this guide so far. Yes, it is a worthwhile destination in Binch Tan, featuring all the most luxurious fashion brands, the best restaurant chains, trendy coffee shops và state-of-the-art play zones.

But the real charm of Binch Tan belongs in its extensive sầu range of religious sites, predominantly Buddhist & Christian ones. Ahy vọng these, the most splendid and extravagant in terms of architecture is Hue Nghiem Pagoda. A harmonious blover of mind-blowing manmade feats and verdant, calming trees, Hue Nghiem Pagodomain authority is an igiảm giá haven for all who want to lớn seek respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life in big cities and find their peace of mind baông xã.

Name Entrance Fee Address Category
Aeon Mall Binc Tan Free 1 Street No. 17A, Binh Tri Dong B Ward Entertainment complex building
Hue Nghiem Pagoda Free 220/110/1 Do Nang Te Street, An Lac A Ward Religious site
Theravada Temple (Chua Nam Tong) Free 220/110/166/1, Street No. 5, An Lac A Ward Religious site
St. Paul"s Cathedral Free 280 Vanh Dai Trong Street, Binch Tri Dong B Ward Religious site
Binc Thuan Church Free 722 Tan Ky Tan Quy Street, Binh Hung Hoa Ward Religious site


Hue Nghiem Pagoda


Inside Hue Nghiem Pagoda

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Eating in Binc Tan District

Restaurants, eateries, và street food establishments are diverse & ubiquitous across the 52-square-kilometer area of Binch Tan District. For fancy dining, you should head lớn Aeon Mall Binc Tan, but therein foreign dining brands overshadow local ones. Therefore, if you want something more “indigenous”, browse the streets of Binh Tri Dong B Ward & Tan Tao Ward to lớn sample Vietnamese hotpot (especially goat hotpot and street-side BBQ), grills và other southern delicacies lượt thích bun mam (fish sauce noodles) and com tam (broken rice).

Category Location
Vietnamese Noodles

Bun Cha Ho Guom - 317 Street No. 7, Binc Tri Dong B Ward

Pho 99 - 239 Vanh Dai Trong Street, Binch Tri Dong B Ward

Bun Mam Thu Thao - 607 Tinh Lo 10 Street, Binh Tri Dong B Ward

Vietnamese Rice Dishes

Comtam(broken rice) at Food Zone - 250 - 252 Vanh Dai Trong Street, Binch Tri Dong B Ward

Comchay(vegan rice) at Com ctuyệt Huu Duyen - 332 Street No. 7, Tan Tao Ward

Com ga Hao Nguyen - 32- 34 Street No. 57, Tan Tao Ward

Hotpot và Grill Bars

Nam Lua 3 - 34 - 35 Street No. 5, Tan Tao Ward

Lau de Tam Hy (Goat hotpot Tam Hy) - 547A - 547B Le Van Quoi Street, Binch Tri Dong A Ward

Lau de Tu Xuyen - 283 Street No. 7, Binc Tri Dong B Ward

Lang nuong Dong Que - 666 Le Trong Tan Street, Binch Hung Hoa Ward

Coffee shops & smoothie bars

Che (Vietnamese desserts made of beans) và smoothies - 34 Go Xoai nghiêm Street, Binh Hung Hoa A Ward

Subo Coffee - 121 Street No. 6, Binc Tri Dong Ward

Shopping in Binc Tan District

Other than Aeon Mall Binh Tan, if you wish to have an authentic insight inlớn Vietnamese locals, open-air markets, there are various decent options, such as An Lac Market & Binh Hung Hoa Market. Refer lớn the chart below.

Category Address What lớn Buy
Shopping Malls Aeon Mall Binc Tan -1 Street No. 17A, Binc Tri Dong B Ward Clothes, Groceries, Fruits, & Cosmetics
Local Markets

Binh Hung Hoa Market - Tan Ky Tan Quy Street, Binch Hung Hoa Ward

An LacMarket - 383 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, An Lac Ward

Binh Long Market - Street No.3, Binh Hung Hoa A Ward

*Note: Opening hours aretypicallyuntil 6 PM only.

Clothes, Groceries, Fruits, Arts, and Crafts


Aeon Mall Binh Tan

Nightlife in Binc Tan District

Although it lies on the outskirts, Binh Tan is not so boring when it comes to lớn nightlife activities. Aeon Mall Binch Tan is again a favorite hangout spot for everyone when the sun sets, & numerous coffee shops và karaoke bars are popular choices, too. Binh Tan District offers you two cool beer clubs - Phoenix Beer Club on Tran Van Giau Street và Simtía Beer Club Buffet on Ho Van Long Street.

Anyway, if these still sound somewhat lack of interest, kiểm tra out the hotthử nghiệm bars & clubsin Ho Chi Minc where you can really let your hair down.

Summary of Binc Tan District in Ho Chi Minh City

An up-and-coming district with a rapid rate of development, Binc Tan harbors great potential amid some unrest that needs addressing. Explore the religious havens in Binc Tan or get a feel of Vietnamese local markets across its 10 wards if you happen khổng lồ drop by. An eccentric but promising approach lớn Ho Chi Minc City travel.

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