White Palace (Bach Dinh) Where Kept Three Century


When mentioning Vung Tau, people often think of some famous attractions such as lighthouse, Suoi Nghe sheep hill và God statue Kikhổng lồ. Besides, Bach Dinc in Vung Tau (Villa Blanche) is such a beautiful destination in this area that you should not miss. This is a gorgeous White villa outstanding with the uniqueness of European architecture in the nineteenth century on the southern side of Lớn mountain. 

1. The Architecture Of Bach Dinh in Vung Tau

Bạch Dinc has a French name which is Villa Balanbịt. This place is encompassed with a number of porcelain trees và verbenaceae (Giá Tỵ tree). Bach Dinch consists of three floors designed according khổng lồ French style in the late 19th century.

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First floor: ancient artifacts for interior decorationSecond floor: Bach Dinh museum with nearly 8000 exhibits on displayThird floor: For rest and sightseeing

The Outer Side Of Bach Dinh

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Bach Dinch is located on an area of about 6 hectares, half growing verbenaceae – a rare và precious type of timber tree in the Southeast and Central Highlands, và half growing porcelain flowers. There are two roads for visitors khổng lồ reach Bach Dinc from the bottom of Lớn mount. One is a winding road amidst lines of verbenaceae for cars. The other is 146 paved steps between two rows of porcelain flowers for pedestrians. Here tourists can contemplate a peaceful & fresh atmosphere and sightsee the most beautiful scenery.

The outside walls of Bach Dinch are also meticulously decorated with a charming European woman face, a pair of peacocks with sparkling wings and a pair of beautiful carps.

Bach Dinh in Vung Tau not only attracts tourists by unique architecture but also by the poetic scenery here. When arriving here, visitors cannot help being surprised as if you are lost in an ancient castle amidst a mysterious forest. In the rainy season, the forest surrounds Bach Dinch will become a fresh green space with peace và clean air. In the falling leaf season, you will catch the sight of Bach Dinh in the brilliant red, trắng, và pink of porcelain flowers.

The Inner Side Of Bach Dinh

This villa consists of a three-storey blochồng of 19m high, 28m long, 15m wide & roofed with bright red tiles. The basement of the villa is used for cooking, the ground floor is used as a reception area & the remaining floors are intended for rest. Having particular features of French architecture, the building has many light xanh windows from which people can observe sầu the surrounding scenery. It is not exaggerated to lớn say Bach Dinh has been the most prominent and favorite place in Vung Tau that you must visit.

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2. Activities In Bach Dinh
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Visit The Observatory

Tourists will have an opportunity to be immersed in an extremely poetic & stunning natural landscape when travelling lớn Bach Dinch. In front of the villa is a hut overlooking the sea which people gọi the observatory. From here, visitors can have a holistic view of Bai Truoc, Nhỏ mount và Lớn mount. If people look down, they can see Hai Nguu islet – a rochồng protruding inkhổng lồ the sea which shapes like a buffalo wallowing in water. This used lớn be the fishing place for former owners of Bach Dinc in Vung Tau. 

Visit The History Museum

Since 1991, a part of Bach Dinh has been used as a museum displaying about 8000 quality artifacts. They were found in an excavation in 1990, which included over 34 thousand ceramic và 28 thous& porcelain artifacts. Their material, shape and pattern show that their origin was from Trung Quốc, featuring European marks & sophisticated techniques. 

Learn About The History Of Bach Dinh

It is possible for tourists to lớn hire a presenter here khổng lồ understand more about the origin of this white villa. After the invasion of Indochina, French took control, they began khổng lồ construct works for accommodation & relaxation.

At that time, Phuoc Thang Fort was chosen to lớn build a resort villa for the Governor General of Indochina – Paul Doumer. He personally approved the project & named it Villa Blanbịt after his daughter, Blanche Richel Doumer.

In 1898, the Villa Blanđậy project was officially started and it took 4 years lớn be completed. Because of its White color, Vietnamese people later called Bach Dinc.

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When Bach Dinc was in construction, Governor-General Paul Doumer had khổng lồ return home page, so the successor of Governor – General Paul Beau became the first owner of this magnificent and gland mansion. 

In 1992, Bach Dinh was recognized as a national historical và cultural relic. Then, this place was restored & renovated into lớn a tourist attraction.

3. Ikhuyến mãi Time For Travelling 
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Tourists can visit Vung Tau at any time thanks to lớn its pleasant climate all year round. However, if you can, you should go between November to April. This is the most beautiful time of the year when the weather is cool, trees are green và the sea is calm. Or you can choose lớn come when the porcelain flowers bloom. 

Bach Dinc in Vung Tau has been a spectacular ancient building for over two hundred years. This work has been preserved carefully và remained intact until now. Let’s visit this stunning place & have sầu a chance khổng lồ enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Let’s go to Bach Dinc lớn escape the tedium of daily life & be completely immersed in the pure natural landscape. If you want khổng lồ find more remarkable sightseeing sites in Vietnam giới, kiểm tra out our Vimãng cầu homepage. Moreover, leave your comments below for other information such as accommodations & restaurants. Thank you for reading. Hope you have a nice day!